The People’s Plan: Create Equitable Opportunities for South LA


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The People's Plan: A Community-Centered Approach to City Planning.


This year, the city will update our community plans. Community Plans tell us what kind of development will be allowed in a community and the types of services and facilities needed to address changes in population.

Most of Los Angeles' Community Plans have not been revised since 2001. South LA residents, business owners and advocates now have an opportunity to raise their voices and tell the Los Angeles City Council what South LA *really* needs.

The UNIDAD Coalition, in partnership with residents, business owners and other community-based organizations have begun to draft recommendations for the Community Plan which put people at the forefront.

We call it The People's Plan.

With your help, we can ensure that The People's Plan is the answer that strengthen's the people of South LA.

The People's Plan calls for city leaders to create policies that would protect South LA residents and ensure they have equitable access to healthy opportunities, such as:

• Affordable & Healthy housing

• Economic Development & Employment opportunities

• Environmental & Health protections

Endorse The People's plan by signing your name or your organization's name using the form to the right. You can also download and read more about The People's Plan recommendations here.