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Public Land Campaign

Tell City Council to Prioritize The Bethune Site in South Los Angeles for Affordable Housing and NOT a HOTEL!

The South Central LA community is being pushed out

Rising rents—driven by luxury housing development, a lack of affordable housing, and an absence of strong city housing policies—are leaving families struggling to survive.
Residents face painful decisions: endure substandard, overcrowded conditions, move further away from jobs, or face homelessness.
But even after facing decades of neglect, criminalization, and disregard, the people of South Central continue to invest in one another—starting businesses, building community spaces and organizations, and weaving together a vibrant culture of mutual aid and resistance.

We're fighting for

1. Community Benefits and an Inclusive Process

The Reef Project—a 10 acre, $750 million, luxury mega-development on Broadway/Washington—threatens to create pressure that will price out an estimated 43,000 people and countless small businesses. The project was planned and designed WITHOUT meaningful community engagement.

Over a three month process, 10 community-based organizations and over 100 local residents, students, small business owners, and other stakeholders crafted a community benefits proposal that encompasses nine areas: displacement prevention, affordable housing, good jobs, health, green space, safety, homelessness, small business, support, and youth development. These community benefits are expansive, but feasible and necessary given the massive scale and impacts of the Reef Development project.

UNIDAD members studying Southeast LA community plan map

2. The People's Plan, An Equitable Development Policy

The South and Southeast LA Community Plans present an opportunity to ensure vibrant, safe, diverse, and healthy communities in which longtime residents and workers thrive alongside newer arrivals. We call on elected officials and city decision-makers to listen to needs of local residents craft policy to prioritize:

Equitable Economic Development
  • Living wage jobs for local residents
  • Preserve community-serving small businesses

Net Gain Affordable Housing Policies
  • Prevent displacement of low-income residents
  • New housing for very low and extremely low-income households
  • Preserve rent-stabilized units and senior housing

Strong Environmental Health Standards
  • More quality, affordable healthcare centers
  • More healthy food options
  • More green space and parks
  • Better indoor & outdoor air quality
  • Better pedestrian & bike infrastructure