Fast-Tracked Project Threatens South LA Community
October 28, 2015
43,000 South LA Residents Risk Being Priced Out Due to Proposed Commercial Development
May 5, 2016

South Central L.A. in Bloom: Community Benefits Proposal for the Reef Development

Residents share Reef community benefit proposals with Councilmember Price's Office

Last Monday, community residents visited Councilmember Price to present their vision for how development, like the proposed REEF project, can be an opportunity for growth and prosperity for all community members in South Central L.A. The vision includes specific proposals in 9 areas that were a result of a community process that involved over 100 community members who identified viable opportunities for partnership around new investment. Community members also delivered flowers for the Councilmember in the spirit of the new spring season -- a time for renewed flourishing growth -- and invited the Councilmember to continue the conversation about the possibilities that can bloom in the New Ninth.

While detailed, this proposal by no means complete. We hope that it serves as starting point and an invitation for all community members to continue to join the conversation to ensure the protection of the health, economic well-being, and culture of the community.

Download the proposal here:

Spanish translation coming soon.